You can use our walking floor vehicles individually and in a versatile manner.

Basic technical data:

- Useful volume 92 cubic metres
- Loading can be done both from the side and through the tailgate of the walking floor
- The hydraulically driven floor plates can move the relevant load forward or backward independently

Usage options:

- Transport of hazardous and non-hazardous waste, such as:
- Mixed construction waste, mixed packaging
- Metal, plastic, LvP
- Wood, wood chips
- Paper, loose and compacted
- Transport of Euro- and disposable pallets

We also use tarpaulin trailers in our vehicle fleet.

Basic technical data:

- 13.6m of loading space and 25 tonnes loading weight
- Edscha sliding roof for loading and unloading via crane
- Code XL
- ADR equipment


- Transport of sensitive goods
- Transport of palleted goods of all kinds
- HAZMAT transport

Our tipper trucks are also state of the art.

Basic technical data:

- Working volume 30 cubic metres
- Sliding roof for any weather conditions


- Transport of sand, stones, rubble and chippings
- Transport of de-icing salt
- Transport of sludges and waste

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